Alberta Water Council Members
The Alberta Water Council is comprised of 24 Members organized into four broad categories - Industry, Non-Government Organizations, Government, and the Government of Alberta and Provincial Authorities. Each Member represents a discrete sector and identifies a director, and if they wish, an alternate to represent their interests on the Council.


Sector Member(s) Director Alternate
Chemical and Petrochemical Canadian Fuels Association; Chemistry Industry Association of Canada Rob Hoffman Lorna Young
Irrigation Alberta Irrigation Projects Association Ron McMullin (Vice-President) Richard Phillips
Cropping Crop Sector Working Group   Sharon McKinnon
Mining Alberta Chamber of Resources James Guthrie Chris Fordham
Oil & Gas Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Deanna Cottrell John Van Ham
Forestry Alberta Forest Products Association Keith Murray Dan Moore
Livestock Intensive Livestock Working Group Stuart Thiessen Doug Sawyer
Power Generation TransAlta; ATCO Power Jim Hackett Ahmed Idriss

Non-Government Organizations

Environmental Alberta Wilderness Association Carolyn Campbell Bob Cameron
Environmental Environmental Law Centre Jason Unger  
Environmental Water Conservation Trust of Canada Maureen Bell  
Wetlands Conservation Ducks Unlimited Canada Perry McCormick Tracy Scott
Fisheries Habitat Conservation Fish Habitat Conservation Collective Silvia D'Amelio Peter Aku
Lake Environment Conservation Alberta Lake Management Society Jay White (Vice-President) Stephanie Neufeld
Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils Alberta WPACs  Hugh Sanders Cheryl Fujikawa


Large Urban Cities of Edmonton and Calgary Mark Brostrom Nancy Stalker
Small Urban Alberta Urban Municipalities Association Melodie Stol Rachel de Vos
Rural Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties Al Kemmere (Vice-President) Earl Graham
Métis Settlements Métis Settlements General Council Mary Onukem  

Government of Alberta & Provincial Authorities

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Dave Burdek  Jamie Wuite
Alberta Energy Alberta Energy    
Alberta Environment and Parks Alberta Environment and Parks Andre Corbould  Rick Blackwood
Alberta Health Alberta Health    Merry Turtiak
Science and Research Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions - Water Resources Brett Purdy